Predictive maintenance
for forklift battery fleets
Take your electric forklift operation to the next level of efficiency using advanced analytics.

Forklifts are at the heart of your warehouse operation

Forklift batteries require constant maintenance to operate optimally. Unmanaged and adhoc use of the batteries can have negative impacts on operational efficiency, cost, and environmental sustainability goals of your business.
  • Reduced battery lifetime due to abuses, such as overheating, deep discharges and low-water condition
  • Disputed cost and responsibility with the clients in battery maintenance
  • Unplanned forklift downtimes and increased maintenance cost due to preventable defects
  • Operational inefficiency due to overcommitment or bottleneck in battery fleet capacity
  • Voiding battery warranties due to preventable causes or lack of data
  • Negative impact on corporate sustainability goals due to prevantable chemical waste

A comprehensive battery fleet maintenance solution

eFleetly is innovatively designed to prevent loss in battery fleet lifetime, reduce unplanned forklift downtime, reduce maintenance cost, and increase operational efficiency. We take pride in achieving this, all the while bringing a positive impact to your sustainibility goals.

  • Prevent battery abuses to avoid reducing battery lifetime, save cost and improve sustainibility
  • Maintain data-backed information for defining responsibility and maintenance costs with clients
  • Engage clients with fleet performance KPIs and help management
  • Reduce unplanned forklift downtimes and maintenance cost caused by preventable defects
  • Increase operational efficiency by optimizing overcommitment or bottlenecks in fleet capacity
  • Prevent voiding battery warranties or support warranty services with data

Designed for efficient forklift operation

Through its user-friendly and intuitive interfaces, the eFleetly solution provides predictive maintenance, fleet analytics and digital management of forklift battery fleets.

Predictive maintenance

Provides continuous monitoring of the battery fleet and engages in due time the onsite technicians for maintenance actions such as cell replacements, electrolyte updates, attending deep discharges, etc.

Battery abuse analytics

Monitors and tracks over time all battery abuse analytics in the fleet. Enables following performance KPIs and provides reporting to prevent degradation in the fleet lifetime.

Drivers charging assistance

Dedictated monitors located in the charging rooms help truck drivers select the optimal batteries, easing their battery swapping operation while reducing battery abuses.

Fleet utilization analytics

Analyzes and visualizes battery fleet and forklift fleet utilization to identify overcommitments and bottlenecks in the operation. Saves cost and optimizes operation.

Comprehensive solution

eFleetly solution covers all the different needs of a battery fleet maintenance, management, and recycling in a single offer, leaving you to focus more on your business operation.

User Friendly

Easy to navigate. Designed with user experience at the center and by directly involving the users, it provides the perfect interface for the busy technicians, drivers, site mangaers and account managers.

Our Plans

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150 / battery
150 / battery
  • One time fee
  • Netowrk installation
  • Sensor installation
  • Fleet setup
  • System configuration


19.90 / month
218 / yearly
  • Onsite technician interface
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Backoffice usage analytics
  • 2 free technician accounts
  • Free battery recycling
  • Customer support
  • Backoffice integration support
  • API & extension support


"We want to offer our customers smart solutions to enable efficient and sustainable intralogistics. We invest strongly on developing new digital solutions and are excited to work with eFleetly project. eFleetly will help our customers to manage their forklift battery fleet usage. Optimal battery usage will have a great impact on costs, operational efficiency and sustainability. At Logisnext Finland, we are looking forward to offering our customers a way to operate their electric forklift fleets smarter and at the same time save the environment."

"Connecting eFleetly to the reporting system will enable us to work together with the customer and plan their battery fleet optimization and guidance, with the aim to maximize battery lifetime. We are looking forward seeing the improvements both in operational efficiency as well as in enhanced customer experience."

Jarkko Tolonen Technician Logisnext Finland

"We believe that eFleetly’s predictive maintenance will help us to take better care of customer batteries and keep clear records of maintenance activities. Already within a short period of time we have noticed the great value eFleetly brings in helping us to maintain optimal water levels of batteries. This allows us to decrease downtime as well as improve battery life and operational safety."

Need help or want to learn more?

Our customer support solution is here to help you with any possible questions you might have. Whether you need technical support or would like to learn more about how eFleetly can help your operation, reach out to us and we will get back to you within one business day. You can also read more at the FAQ section for answers to the most common questions.

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