About Us
Underutilisation and poor management of batteries have a negative impact on both the business and the environment. It is our mission at eFleetly to not only meet increasing expectations and demands of the forklift fleet industry, but to also set new industry standards for forklift manufacturers and warehouse operators. After all, the more we can reduce the demand for newly-manufactured batteries, the less chemical waste we are creating, as we aim to build a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. We are making these impacts on the environment every day — something we take tremendous pride in. Our offering is created with a customer-first vision and approach, and we’re fully committed to continuously providing the forklift industry and our customers with new benefits by expanding our product design expertise, in addition to our global reach and availability.

We focus on how our customers connect and interact with their forklift fleet. This is why we keep innovation, resource efficiency through battery optimization and sustainability design at the absolute core of everything we create and offer.

Our eFleetly offering has been developed as part of a collaborative and strategic partnership comprising of Fortum, Logisnext Finland, Bamomas, and TietoEVRY. We all share a common vision of innovation for customer value, as well as a cleaner and more sustainable planet. Together we help you to take your warehouse forklift operation to the next level of efficiency.

eFleetly is brought to you by: Naba Kumar, Arttu Kautonen, Ville-Matti Tarvonen, Pavel Marek, Viivi Griinari, Nazarii Tashak, Oleh Senyshyn, Iryna Lialikova, Jukka Kuopio


We are a leading clean-energy company developing and offering solutions for our customers in electricity, heating, cooling, as well as solutions to improve resource efficiency. We also provide services for the power generation industry and solutions for consumers so that they can be smarter in their energy choices.
The focus on reducing CO2 emissions has been in Fortum’s DNA for decades. Our carbon exposure is already one of the lowest within the European power generation industry.
Our mission is to engage our customers and society to drive the change towards a cleaner world. Our role is to accelerate this change by reshaping the energy system, improving resource efficiency and providing smart solutions.

Espoo, Finland


Logisnext Finland Oy

Over the decades, the name of Rocla is known from quality forklifts that ensures efficient and on time material handling.
We want to help our customers to use their forklifts more efficiently and safely in their daily work. With combining our quality Rocla- and Cat® - forklifts to our forklift maintenance and with the new digital services, we can offer a true partnership to our customers.
In terms of cost and environment, the batteries are essential in the use of forklifts. Through digitalization, we want to enable our customers to use batteries cost-efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.
We are a subsidiary and sales company of Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe (MLE).

Vantaa, Finland



We believe that the use of all kinds of industrial batteries needs to be made as sustainable as possible. For example, in many application areas, the "older" type batteries will be in use for a long time and in some applications they might not be replaced at all with new kinds of batteries.
It is also very important to observe and manage battery fleets as the maximal effect is not often reached just by observing and managing each of the batteries individually.
Back in 2014, Raimo Vuopionperä envisioned a digital cloud solution for battery monitoring and analytics. The idea was born when he constantly heard about problems with forklift trucks and their motive batteries as they are being damaged both by intentional and by unintentional misuse that the owners could not prove or track. This intrigued Raimo so much that he thought that by combining his knowledge about Communication Solutions, IoT, Cloud computing and data analytics one could build a modern and cost-effective solution to monitor and manage industrial battery fleets and even offer predictive insights about the battery fleets.

Tampere, Finland


Tieto Evry

Tieto, a leading Nordic software and services company
We envision a future in which data is the biggest driver of continuously increasing societal and economic value. As digitalization gains speed, personalized services become the new normal and a key success factor for our customers - rapidly increasing the demand for data-driven innovations and new revenue streams. Tieto seeks a pivotal role in this change and aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world – and by doing this, to become our customers' first choice for business renewal.
Our customers are mainly large organizations that offer a range of services to businesses, consumers and citizens in the Nordics and beyond. We ensure our customers’ everyday business and services run smoothly, and help them create future success through smart adoption of technology and utilization of data.
In 2018, we were nominated as a Global 100 Tech Leader by Thomson Reuters as a result of solid, long-term commitment to drive innovation, performance and social responsibility.

Espoo, Finland