The scoop on eFleelty
eFleetly solution has been designed closely keeping in mind the customer needs in managing a fleet of battery-powered industrial equipment, such as a fleet of electric forklifts. The solution encompasses several features to digitally improve productivity, reduce cost, and reduce wastage in battery fleet management. Features include high-level analytics and reporting for management oversight, predictive maintenance, bookkeeping for technicians and workflow guidance for floor employees.

Predictive maintenance of batteries

Central to eFleetly service is the predictive maintenance that crunches a high volume of operational data collected continuously using state-of-the-art sensors. Through complex analysis of these data, eFleetly identifies key events associated with keeping the fleet healthy all the time. The events conveniently prompt the floor technicians to address any maintenance actions arising before they become real issues.
Predictive maintenance raises events such as cell replacement, state-of-health determination, recycling, water refilling, lifetime evaluation, left uncharged, etc., all from the convenience of a digital interface without needing a physical visit to inspect the batteries.
Through the use of a carefully designed user interface, available for different device form factors, such as PC, tablet, or phone, the floor technicians can respond, log, reference and keep track of all maintenance activities.
  • Prevent abuses that reduce battery lifetime, save cost and save environment
  • Address predicted maintenance actions before they affect battery performance
  • Get notified for key maintenance activities without physical inspections
  • Digitally log of all maintenance activities for accurate customer billing and warranty services.

Monitor and prevent battery abuses

Battery abuses such as overheating, deep discharges, leaving uncharged, or simply bad maintenance could be significantly detrimental to the health of batteries, often halving the battery lifetime; or in some cases, even less. Oftentimes, such abuses in daily operations are not intentional by the floor employees but are rather caused by a lack of operational awareness. They are typically avoidable through fleet awareness and performance tracking. eFleetly's digital solution to fleet monitoring gives full control over the awareness and monitoring of the fleet performance.
Using the dashboard, customers can monitor progress on key performances of the battery fleet continuously. In a quick glance, fleet performance indicators such as battery abuses, maintenance activities, and their progress through time are available for optimal management.
The dashboard provides high-level and important aspects of the fleet performance succinctly and effortlessly. Site Managers can rely on Information for team engagement and feedback for improving productivity.
  • Follow progress of battery abuses and maintenance actions plotted over time
  • Periodic reporting of fleet KPIs for management reviews
  • Filters for navigating through different sets of batteries in the fleet
  • Effective for Site Managers to increase productivity

Charging station guidance for optimal battery performance

Forklift drivers on the floor are often focused on performing the warehouse operation. As a result, when it comes to swapping new batteries for the forklift, it can be rather distracting and difficult for them to always pick up the right battery from the charging station. For example, batteries on the chargers need sufficient cool down to prevent overheating.
This is where eFleetly's driver's assistance comes into rescue. Driver's assistance is a large monitor mounted near a charging station which visually guides the drivers to pick up the next best batteries for optimal performance. By use of a smart algorithm, it ensures batteries are picked up to avoid sufferings from abuses such as overheating and deep discharges in middle of a work shift.
  • Prevent battery abuses, such as overheating and deep discharges
  • Help drivers focus more on the warehouse tasks by reducing mental load and responsibility

Too few or too many batteries in the fleet?

Find out through eFleetly's utilization analytics if your fleet has an optimal number of batteries in the fleet by analyzing the utilization peaks and underperformances. If there are not enough batteries in the fleet, there is a greater chance of overheating, shortening the life of the batteries. On the other hand, too many batteries in the fleet would be a waste of resources. The utilization analytics provides a full picture of fleet operational efficiency over time and identifies bottlenecks or underutilization.
Furthermore, through our intelligent association of the batteries to the forklifts in use, you can oversee forklifts utilization performance and analyze their historical performance. The forklift utilization performance, and in turn operational efficiency, is directly affected by the performance of the battery fleet. Reducing constant swapping of batteries and optimizing their charging periods are key to reducing downtime during active shifts.
  • Identify fleet bottlenecks and underperformances
  • Reduce shift interruptions due to battery swapping and mid-way charging
  • Report and follow up fleet performance over time

Live status of battery fleet in a glance

Inspect and identify instantly any issue that may be currently active using the battery cards in the dashboard. Each individual battery and its current status is presented as a visual card to assist in overseeing all the batteries together in one glance.
A convenient filter can be used to quickly sort out specific group of batteries that may be interesting at any given instance.
  • Instantly identify any active issue in the fleet
  • Get the full status of the entire battery fleet in a glances
  • Filter and view selected group of batteries in the fleet

Deeper analysis of techincal performance

Analyze the changes in batteries state-of-charge, voltage, current, and temperature over time for deeper technical understanding. Any fault in a battery is often reflected in an abnormal bevhaviour in its technical operational variables. By analyzing the history of the battery's operation, one can deduce a great deal of information on usage and battery performance. This analysis can often help engage the manufacturers for warranty services.
  • Better understanding of faults in battery functions
  • Analysis of technical performance of batteries
  • Engage manufacturers for warranty with right data